ThinksPro Toolkit 

Currently, Logical Designs provides "leading edge" proprietary neural network technology as well as the best performing non-proprietary techniques available.  With the release of ThinksPro in 1999, a complete Windows compliant application development environment, neural network technology can be developed and deployed in applications ranging from controllers to mainframes.

Logical Designs provides applications consulting, custom development (both hardware and software), and neural networks applications training and seminars.  

Latest Version is 9.741   01/01/2020

New Features

- Various improvements including DMSRT, D_PROP, and more. (01/01/2020)

- Added the ThinksPro JAVA Training tool. (09/01/2013)

- Improved initialization of nets when missing VAR file.

New Features 8.96 and earlier

- Pass Through Analysis of inputs.  This is similar to sensitivity analysis which indicates the importance of each input to the overall network performance.  Pass Through Analysis does the sensitivity analysis output by output so that one can see for each output, what the contribution is of the various inputs.  

- PolyTrn network growing technique.  This is a proprietary technology for growing neural networks.

- Weights Analysis and weights pruning for PolyTrn.

- Added CALC(*) to allowed operation in VAR file (Oper=).  The user can specific a more complex function of available inputs to be an input to a neural network.

- More error messages when loading data

- Correct handling of paths containing "." .

- Test while train for TP3.

- Sub Image Processing Element type for image processing

- Backward compatible for new parameter file variables.

- Changed Sensitivity Analysis Normalized Effect to ignore 0 effect variables.

- Output Class weight factors for better classification results.

- More Excel friendly .wlg and .sa files.


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