Logical Designs has developed a number of training algorithms for neural networks. The best known algorithms are the Conscience Mechanism and the patented Graded Learning Algorithm (licensed to HNC). We have also implemented numerous algorithms reported in technical journals. Why is this important to your company? Logical Designs has proven abilities in the area of algorithm development.

In the development of a neural network application, the choice of the network architecture and training method can determine the success or failure of the project. There is usually not enough time or project budget to evaluate several alternative algorithms. Often it is necessary to tailor an existing algorithm to a specific application. The user of a commercial network package usually cannot make these kinds of modifications.

Most of the algorithms available from commercial sources are implemented in floating point arithmetic on expensive coprocessor boards. Performance of a network trained with these methods may be acceptable but the expense of floating point hardware can make the solution impossible to implement. This is one reason that there are currently few commercial applications of neural networks.

Logical Designs has recognized this limitation and has developed a number of algorithms that have integer implementations. Integer methods can be applied to the trained network only or used for both training and running of the network. Some can be implemented without the use of a multiply instruction. Even as processing speeds increase in PCs, integer methods will be needed for imbedded applications.

 Logical Designs integer methods can give a speed advantage that will allow your network to run on computers without the need for high cost floating point coprocessors. Implemented on a PC, an integer algorithm can run 2 to 10 times faster than a similar floating point solution using a math coprocessor. Small networks can even be implemented on inexpensive microcontrollers. Logical Designs has all of the important algorithms coded in its own custom software library. Many of these algorithms are not available from any other source. We can implement these or any network algorithm on your target hardware.

Logical Designs has the experience to handle any neural network design project. We can use your development tools or provide a custom designed solution. Logical Designs can make your neural network application a success.