Logical Designs can help your company to understand an use fuzzy logic in your of applications. Fuzzy logic deals with information in the same indefinite terms that characterize human speech and perceptions. By developing a membership function for "speed", we can say "medium speed" instead of "55.0 MPH". This gives us a means of quantifying the rules of thumb that experts use in describing interactions in a complex system.

Many commercial applications of fuzzy logic have reached the production stage of development. Currently, most of these applications are Japanese. Applications include exposure control for cameras, scheduling for subways and, controllers for air conditioning.

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Fuzzy Associative Memories are techniques that bridge the gap between traditional expert systems and neural networks. These are the primary techniques used in developing fuzzy logic applications.

Development of a fuzzy logic application is quite different from a typical neural network application. Fuzzy logic applications tend to be hand designed as opposed to trained from examples. Rules and relationships known to the human expert are directly implemented in the cognitive maps and FAM Rules.

Recent work has shown that adaptive methods can be used in which system input-output data is converted into weighted fuzzy associative memory (FAM) rules. Set membership functions and FAM rules can also be adapted to optimize any desired performance measure. This implies that a system, developed by an expert, can be improved by training on the available data.

Fuzzy logic applications usually require less data than neural network applications. Fuzzy applications almost always require less processing power than the equivalent neural application.

The resulting fuzzy application has the important characteristic that the activity internal to the network can be traced and understood. By comparison, it is difficult to understand the internal workings of a typical neural application.

Logical Designs can handle all aspects of the design of your fuzzy application. We can supply custom programming or use commercially available software. Fuzzy logic has been implemented in hardware chips from several companies. Logical Designs can implement the developed network using these special chips for high speed, on standard microprocessors, or in software on your computer system.

Logical Designs has the ability and experience to make your fuzzy logic application project a success.